AI-based Platform, Press Release (PR) Management

The main objective of this project was to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for algorithm development and Scrum framework & Agile principles for software development to build an accurate and user-friendly platform to manage PR articles for customers of 360PrWire. An objective of 360PrWire was to build a platform to review and edit Press Releases (PRs) for its customers and distribute it to well-known CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and known journalists and media institutions for publishing. 
YaiGlobal has selected a team of experts to execute the 3-part project:

  • Part1. Data collection and preprocessing to identify appropriate journalists and influencers that match customer needs and interests. Organizing and visualizing preprocessed data to optimize the matching process is included in this part.
  • Part2. Development of AI-based algorithms to flag inappropriate content in PR articles. This part also includes a step of data collection to train, validate, and test candidate algorithms. Identification of the optimal AI architecture and type is another effort covered in this part.
  • Part3. Using SCRUM methodology and Agile process in software development to build and test a platform that will be used by 360PrWire to manage PR articles. Specifically, YaiGlobal Yai365TM data annotation platform will be extended to include optimizing workflow engine, defining & implementing an editor of PR articles, and constructing quality assurance module. These modules and other customer requirements will be integrated in a coherent platform capable of hosting and serving 360PrWire customers.