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Annotation roles in the Video  

Here is a list of project roles in Yai365TM set in descending vertical order:

1) Account Manager (AM) manages the overall annotation process and has the highest supervision level

2) Project Manager (PM) is responsible for managing the whole annotation project and reports to the AM

3) Team Lead (TL) reports to PM and is responsible for executing a portion of the project and managing resources under his/her supervision to deliver high quality annotation

4) Data Annotator (DA) reports to TL and is responsible for annotating the set of files under his/her control abiding by annotation guidelines and delivery deadlines 

Data Annotation Lifecycle

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The on-premise solution with licensing mode, that contains the necessary modules and services for your data annotation projects


The cloud platform with multiple features, services and modules for annotation projects through subscription mode
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We offer the management of end-to-end data annotation life cycle including data collection, data annotation, and data delivery