YaiGlobal Portfolio

Our services are focused on Artificial Intelligence and its applications. We generate and label AI training data, offer consulting to adopt AI across the business, and develop AI-based solutions to our customers.

Our certified experts in Clouds technology ensure delivery of fast, solid, and scalable solutions. Depending on your business needs and project requirements we adjust our resources and teams to prepare, set, and deploy deliverables on-time to high quality standards

AI capabilities

Data Management

  • Data generation
  • Data annotation                                                

AI Methods & Techniques

  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Prediction
  • NLP
Getting efficient results faster

We use Agile SCRUM technology in our software development processes. Scrum is the best proven methodology to speed up bug fixing and new feature development.  By applying Scrum in our software development process, we guarantee reduction of production cost. We apply story pointing to estimate the complexity of any task, thus allowing our project managers to prioritize tasks based on urgency and complexity

Using Scrum has allowed task visibility for each team member to track progress and better allocate resources. Our natural focus on collaboration has made our team happier and more productive. As such we can provide quicker response to market demands and realize cost savings due to increased performance

Cloud competencies

 We are part of Amazon Web Services Partner Network. It is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses who leverage AWS services to build fast and secure solutions and services. 

As a certified APN member, we provide valuable Cloud support to our customers.  Our certified engineers in Clouds technology and SCRUM methodology are equipped with latest technologies to provide you with most efficient Clouds solution