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Billing Option
If you get billed annually, you may save up to 15%


  • File management: Only one file
  • No file version management
  • Import/Export TRS, JSON, Sonix
  • YaiSegmenter: Audio Segmentation tool
  • YaiEditor: Audio Editing Tool
  • YaiConverter: File conversion tool
  • Speecht2Text (30min per month for 3 months)
  • Quality Gates supported without spell-check


  • All Basic Plan features
  • File management thru Google Storage
  • File Version Management
  • Full Speech2Text services
  • Quality gates fully supported with spell-check


  • All Professional Plan features
  • Workflow Engine
  • File management thru Bitrix24
  • Own cloud storage integration
  • Yai365 Services: Supplier manager, Budget manager, Reclamation manager, etc.

Custom Plan

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