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Why Yai365?


Yai365™ is a scalable platform capable of supporting small or large projects with a few or thousands of audio files. The annotation lifecycle is automated from the initial step of uploading files until the final step of delivering annotated data packages. The platform can manage any combination of account owners, project managers, and transcribers you choose for your project

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Quality Assurance

Yai365 exhibits an integrated module for quality assurance, named Quality Gate, that automatically searches for annotation and spelling errors. Before moving to the next step in the annotation process, the user is invited to resolve all outstanding errors raised by the module. Quality Gate can be customized to be integrated with your annotation and rules

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UI optimized

Yai365 offers a User Interface optimized for annotation editing via YaiEditor - our special editor in the transcription market. it supports many languages including European and Asian languages. YaiEditor is integrated with Yai365 services including Segmenter and Quality Gate. YaiEditor provides several useful editing features to facilitate transcriber work

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Delivery on Budget

Yai365 helps you track project expenses incurred during the annotation process. The Delivery on Budget module allows managing of the project budget and work breakdown structure items. Yai365 gives you complete control of your project budget through continuous monitoring of the expenses against budgeted costs. This feature is essential for large annotation projects

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Workflow Engine

Provides easy platform adjustment and role definitions to address your specific project requirements

Status Manager

Monitors and checks the annotation status of your objects and projects

Budget Manager

Controls your annotation project expenses to ensure delivery on budget

Supplier Manager 

Manages your project risks and provides early warnings and mitigation strategies to ensure on-time delivery

Traceability Manager

Enables full traceability through a user-friendly dashboard that tracks the performance of each annotator

Risk manager

Allows you to manage your suppliers throughout the project lifecycle

Reclamation Manager

Provides a solid framework to manage returned items 


High Quality Annotations and advanced Workflow Engines that allows easy process adjustment and role definition for the customer needs.



Enables speaker channel separation saving hours in the annotation process


An easy-to-use transcription and annotation editor with useful features to make the transcriber's job easier 

Draft Maker

Gives the transcriber the option to start the transcription process from scratch or from a machine-based generated draft


Quality Gate

Automates the process of searching for annotation and spelling errors


Allows file conversion between TRS and JSON formats while keeping all annotations safe


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Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team, including CRM, files sharing, project management, calendars, and more. Bitrix24 is available in cloud and on-premise with open source code access.

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Our company leads projects in areas of Artificial Intelligence and agile software development

Training Data

Our teams collect and cure required data to train your ML/NLP algorithms. We can work with data that we collect or that you bring to the project

We annotate and package data using our platform Yai365
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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

YaiGlobal offers a range of ML services leveraging the latest discoveries in the field to accelerate underdeveloped areas of business models

We develop and deploy customized Deep Learning (DL) models to provide solutions for businesses and enable them to stay ahead of the curve

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AI/IT Competencies

Within our AI/IT Competence center, we provide the expertise necessary for your AI/IT project bringing in knowledge and resource pools for multiple business areas including consumer goods, journalism, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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YaiGlobal is your one-stop-shop for facilitating your AI projects. We have years of industry experience and expertise in managing Big Data using state of the art AI and Cloud computing.  YaiGlobal serves multiple business sectors including those of health, finance, aerospace, and the automotive industry. 

Whether your project requires generating and/or annotating training data, adapting ML solutions, or applying cloud computing, YaiGlobal will be your dependable partner to deliver solid results.

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