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YaiGlobal Is Cooperating with AppTek to Build AI and ML Applications for Neural Machine Translation and Automatic Speech Recognition Featured

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2020 – YaiGlobal, a global IT firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence, is pleased to be cooperating with AppTek- a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation. Working jointly with AppTek, YaiGlobal is deploying its Yai365TM platform to develop innovative solutions in neural machine translation and automatic speech recognition.  The Yai365TM platform include a set of innovative tools such as QualityGatesTM that streamlines the process of building successful AI applications. 

Yai365TM has well designed architecture that is compliant with the AWS technical baseline and fully satisfies business requirements in terms of performance, high availability, and data security. Web Application Servers are running on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud and store data in Amazon Aurora Cluster with read replica in a different availability zone and with a full replica (writer/read) in a different region. Files are stored in Amazon S3 with full replica in a second region.  “Security and high availability of our platform, thanks to AWS infrastructure, provide a peace of mind to our customers”, explained Mr. Mourad Othman, operation director of YaiGlobal.  “We are delighted to partner with AppTek to be in support of their innovative AI-based applications.  Working closely with the AppTek team, we were able to rapidly develop secure and accurate solutions built on AWS,” says Dr. Mokhtar Sadok, CEO of YaiGlobal. 

About YaiGlobal

YaiGlobal is global IT firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence.  It helps organizations process data in any world language. The company provides industry solutions built around cloud computing with a focus on security, availability, and efficiency. With offices in Silicon Valley California and Tunis Tunisia, YaiGlobal provides professional consulting services and technology solutions to AI companies and technology solutions for industries seeking digitization and cloud computing services.  Our proven deployment platforms and trusted design patterns enable security-conscious companies to increase performance and unleash innovation.

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